Thursday, May 29, 2008

Apache Rampart2 - High Performance Security Module for Apache Axis2

Apache Rampart2, a high performance security module for Apache Axis2 was our final year project.

The reason behind the idea was the existing security module (Apache Rampart) performs low both in memory consumption and processor time usage. This is because Rampart depends on another two apache projects (WSS4J and XMLSec) which uses DOM to parse XML. Therefore Rampart needs another layer (DOOM) for the conversion between DOM and Axiom. Another drawback with Rampart is the post policy validation. The policy validation is done after completely processing the message.

We removed above mentioned drawbacks by completely reimplementing XMLSecurity and SOAP Security layers using Axom and by making the SOAPSecurity layer policy aware to avoid the post policy validation.

According to the performance tests Rampart2 is nearly 6 times faster than Rampart and Rampart2's memory consumption is very less compared to Rampart. Therefore we can conclude that Rampart2 is far better than Rampart both in memory and processor time wise.

Team includes
Saliya Ekanayake
Sameera Jayasoma
Kalani Ruwanpathirana
Isuru Suriarachchi
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