Saturday, November 01, 2008

How to Replace Strings in Java - Using java.util.regex package

Replacing a charater in a String is just a matter of adding a one line to the code.

originalString.replace(oldChar, newChar)

String originalString = "This/is/my/string";
System.out.println(originalString.replace('/', '|'));
Then the output will be "This|is|my|string"

Anyway how can we replace a character or number of characters(a substring) with another string. This can be done using the regex package in Java.

If we need to replace "my" with "your" we can do it in the following way.
import java.util.regex.*;  

String originalString = "This is my string";
Pattern pat = Pattern.compile("my"); 
Matcher mat = pat.matcher(originalString);
The output will be "This is your string"
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