Friday, November 30, 2007

Final year project

Now we are working hard on our final year projects. Im in Rampart2 project group. Its a security module for Apache Axis2.

I'm working on XML Encryption part in XMLSec project. I have to use Axiom instead of DOM to parse XML in this new version to increase performance as it uses pull parsing while DOM does push parsing.

We have to finish the project before end of January. So having a hard time:)


kalani Ruwanpathirana said...

My part is to create the XML encryption part and it's almost over now. So i'm moving into the keys package. The deadline is extended however

Al-Burhan said...

I am an under-grad and thinking to do something like making a parser and editor for my final year project. Its an 8 months project so will i be able to achieve my goal.?

johnbritto said...

Oh that's a great project. All the very best for the success in project. XML encryption is the specification developed by WWW consortium shortly called W3C. This contains the details on how to encrypt and decrypt the data. Axiom is the object model for apache. This provides new lightweight object
model built around pull parsing, enabling efficient and easy
manipulation of XML.

Final Year Projects

ARMAN said...

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Unknown said...
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